We assist the clients in the registration process of biocidal Active Substance and/or Biocidal Product, based on our solid experience in the regulatory field. Key features of our expertise include optimisation in the use of the existing data, identification of critical gaps and proposal of testing strategies to meet the regulation requirements.

The refinement of exposure scenarios, the capability organizing higher tier eco-toxicity testing and the capability to tackle any non-standard situations that you might encounter, allow us to provide the best care in the registration process. Our experience, participation to the regulation's development and the communication skills with regulatory authorities involved, make us as efficient partner for your company.

  1. Scope assessment
  2. Communication with regulatory authorities
  3. Advice on regulatory requirements
  4. Dossier strategy evaluation
  5. Contracting and monitoring of new tests
  6. Human health risk assessment
  7. Environmental risk assessment
  8. Higher tier testing strategies
  9. Exposure assessment and exposure refinement
  10. QSARs
  11. Literature study and read-across
  12. Dossier preparation
  13. Dossier compilation using IUCLID5 and R4BP
  14. Dossier follow-up