Fulfil dossier for Plant Protection Active Substances and Products requires a broad variety of knowledges. REACH mastery provides the guidance and experience to make sure that clients have all the necessary data or waivers on human health effects, environmental toxicity and efficacy of a substance in order to the compilation of a plant protection dossier.

We perform data gap analysis, study monitoring and dossier preparation and have extensive experience in communication and negotiations with regulatory authorities.

  1. Advice on regulatory requirements
  2. Communication with regulatory authorities
  3. Dossier strategy evaluation
  4. Contracting and monitoring of new tests
  5. Human health risk assessment
  6. Environmental risk assessment
  7. Higher tier testing strategies
  8. Exposure assessment and exposure refinement
  9. QSARs
  10. Literature study and read-across
  11. Dossier preparation
  12. Dossier follow-up