Since 2006, REACH consulting has been our main expertise: we offer all services required for REACH Regulation compliance competitively in the European context. In particular, we have consolidated experience in dealing with a variety of chemicals, as for the technical aspects, risk assessment and dossier compilation. Furthermore, we take part to the administrative management and to the scientific debates in consortia. We also support clients in the compliance with REACH provisions.

  1. Regulatory advice
  2. Registration strategy
  3. Exemption statements
  4. Pre-registration service
  5. Full REACH Registration dossier:
    • Assistance in sameness, analytical identification and SIEF discussion
    • Inquiry
    • Data collection and evaluation
    • Data gap analysis
    • Integrated Testing Strategy (ITS)
    • IUCLID compilation
    • Completeness checks
    • Toxicological and Eco-toxicological advice
    • Proposing/ordering and monitoring of new studies
    • Waivers
    • QSARs
    • Classification and labelling (C&L)
    • Risk Assessment and Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)
    • Scaled  Chemical Safety Assessment
    • Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs)
    • Extended Safety Data Sheets (e-SDSs)
    • Post Registration assistance
  6. Authorisation process and dossier
  7. CLH dossiers
  8. Management, secretarial and logistical support to consortia and/or Lead Registrants
  9. General SIEF communication
  10. Representation of customers in SIEFs and consortia
  11. Third party representative service
  12. Legal advice